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Granger Plastics Rotational Molding

Severe weather is notoriously unpredictable. We have a vast knowledge about the conditions and suroundings that cause it and how often this occurs throughout the country. We have sophisticated warning systems, as well as extensive radio and 24/7 news and television coverage of these storms and Tornadoes as they approach and even destroy. Even with all of this technology and warning systems, still hundreds are killed each year from tornadoes, freak storms and other disasters, with thousands more injured. Property loss and damage is routinely in the billons of dollars. Help protect your family today with an investment into your families lives by keeping them safe from tornadoes and tornado destruction with an Inground Shelter by Granger Plastics!

The Inground tornado shelter by Granger Plastics is the most durable Tornado Shelter in the shelter industry! With a lifespan that exceeds 500+ years! Manufactured from extremely durable, Polyethylene, the Inground Shelter features a FEMA 320 exceeding entrance door, articulating aluminum handrails, a 3-step molded entrance with non-skid steps, a molded in 4" ventilation stack, molded in seating, all stainless steel hardware, a Rotationally molded Shock cover and ventilation stack and a reverse taper design that does not require an anchoring system in typical installations! See why the Inground Shelter by Granger Plastics is the best safety bet for your family!
Are you considering the purchase of a Tornado Shelter? Do you have questions about the different materials offered? Read more about Tornado Shelters, the differences in the materials offered to protect your families lives and frequently asked questions in regards to Tornado Shelters before you make that purchase!
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3-Step entrance
Articulating Handrails
Circular Molded Seating w/ Carpet
3pt. locking security Door
FEMA 320 exceeding door
Battery operated LED lighting
Molded in 4" Ventilation cap
Tornado Shelter features
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