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Tornado Shelter Frequently Asked Questions
Here is an extensive list of questions about Tornado Shelters, various different types of Tornado Shelters, different materials, levels of maintenance and so much more. Please feel free to use this list of questions as a guide or reference when reviewing your families Tornado Shelter options or possibly purchasing a Tornado Shelter.

· Is a deposit required for ordering a shelter?

No. Unlike many less capable Tornado Shelter manufacturers, we do not require a deposit for you to order a Tornado Shelter. Many less affluent shelter dealers and manufacturers will need your deposit so that they can either order the shelter from the manufacturer, or they need your deposit so they can order the materials to build your shelter. Our Tornado Shelters and Storm Shelters are manufactured and typically in stock, either at our innovative & World Class manufacturing facility, or in our off site warehouse. Being a World Class manufacturer of a wide range of Polyethylene products, we have to maintain inventory levels to respond to our customers needs, while keeping ample amounts of commodities such as Polyethylene in stock. Many less scrupulous shelter dealers will claim delivery will take 4-6 weeks. Why wait another month to month and a half, having to pay half up front, when you and your family could be protected by the leading Tornado Shelter innovation, The Granger ISS in just a matter of a couple of days!

· How long will delivery take?

That is contingent upon where you are located. Being that the Granger ISS fits inside of common carrier trucks and vans, upon purchase, we can ship the Tornado Shelter via carrier of your choice, or we can help arrange shipment to help secure the best freight rate possible to your location!

With the unit fitting inside the common carrier's trailers and trucks, our freight rates will be drastically reduced from the average $1 per mile that many Tornado Shelter dealers and Tornado Shelter manufacturers may charge. Our units don't require a flatbed trailer, nor do they require any special permitting. Shipments to states like California, Oregon, Texas, etc. are obviously longer than those shipping to 1 day destinations like Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, etc. When arranging freight, most carriers will have a delivery window prior to shipment. We have shipped units from Ohio to California in as little as 4 days. Units that have shipped into Canada sometimes take longer contingent upon customs & duties, and where its shipping to. We have also shipped units via Ocean container overseas. We will work with you to get you a shelter regardless of your location!

· What is the Inground Safety Shelter made of?

The Body of the unit is constructed Linear Low Density Polyethylene, more commonly known as Plastic. The extremely high molecular physical bonding properties of LLDPE, make it one of the most durable materials known to man. This allows the Inground Safety Shelter to have a life of use in excess of 500+ years! Not many other materials can make that claim! The door is comprised of meticulously engineered aluminum. The Door exceeds FEMA 320 Standards, which makes the door capable of withstanding an F-5 Tornado, with winds exceeding 300mph!! See video of our Tornado Shelter door being tested at Texas Tech University's Wind Labs!

· I have a concrete shelter currently, will it crack like mine has after just a couple of years time?

No. One of the great things about the Polymer body, is that it will not deteriorate over time as it settles like concrete, steel or even fiberglass. The extremely rugged and durable 1/2" double wall construction makes the Inground Safety Shelter the strongest and most durable Inground Safety Shelter in the industry! Always ask to see if you are buying a minimal level of protection with a single wall unit, or a superior level of protection with a double wall unit.

·Does the Tornado Shelter (Granger ISS) require any special freight, trailers or can they be hauled by common carrier?

The Tornado Shelters were specially designed so that they would in fact fit on a common carriers trailer. The Tornado Shelter (Granger ISS) will ship LTL (less than truckload) or Truck Load in an enclosed van. This helps keep freight & shipping costs affordable to our customers by not requiring special permits, or a flat bed trailer. Numerous Tornado shelter dealers gouge their customers on delivering Tornado Shelters by charging nearly $1 or more per mile to deliver a Tornado Shelter! We've shipped Tornado Shelters all across the United States from California, Texas, Florida and even into Canada!

·What other products are manufactured from Polyethylene?

An enormous number of products that surround each of us nearly every day are manufactured from Polyethylene. Everything from Chemical Tanks, Air Craft Container, Grocery Shopping Bags, Water Bottles, etc. are all manufactured from various grades of Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a very diverse material that is processed in a number of different plastics manufacturing processes. While items such as plastic garbage bags and grocery shopping bags may be very thin and flimsy, their manufacturing process is entirely different than a Rotational Molding process that produces items such as the Tornado Shelter (Granger ISS) and large durable Chemical tanks. A large majority of durable childrens playground equipment is Rotationally Molded. Many hazardous waste tanks are Rotationally Molded from Polyethylene because of Polyethylene's great chemical resistance ability.

· Was your shelter engineered by a professional or by a University Student?

The Granger ISS was designed by Industry leading Engineers at Granger Plastics. Granger Plastics has engineered a wide variety of World Class Solutions, for World Class Industry leaders. Some of our engineering related projects range from FAA approved Air Cargo Containers for Private, Commercial and Small package handling Airlines, Chemical Tanks that haul & store various chemicals for leading Chemical manufacturers, manufacturing pallets & material handling solutions for some of the leading names in manufacturing and food & beverage production! We also engineer and manufacture a large number of products and projects for entities such as The United States Deparment of Defense, United States Coast Guard, NASA and so much more! Granger manufactures over 1,000 different products. The Granger ISS is just one of a few proprietary items that we have went to market with. With over 10 years of Tornado Shelter manufacturing experience, our World Class Engineering & design staff, along with industry leading ability and customer service is what separates Granger Plastics from other Rotational Molding companies and other Tornado Shelter manufacturers. Granger will continue to remain on the leading edge of the Tornado Shelter industry by process of continual improvement. Which is why Granger Plastics can go the extra mile and offer a superior quality product. Always inquire about a prospective Tornado Shelter manufacturers ability. With a small minimal investment, anybody can buy Fiberglass Spraying equipment or MIG/TIG welding equipment and then proclaim to be a Tornado Shelter manufacturer. It's those who have spent the time, research and dedication to IMPROVE the industry and the safety options provided to consumers and families that will continue to have great success in the Tornado Shelter industry like Granger Plastics.

·We currently sell another manufacturers shelter, but we continually lose potential customers because they are asking about the Granger ISS, however my current Tornado Shelter manufacturer bars me from selling a competing Tornado Shelter, Could we sell a competing Tornado Shelter if we became a Granger ISS dealer?

Absolutely! While many less scrupulous shelter manufacturers, distributors and dealers will attempt to control and manipulate their dealers by dictating what they can and cannot sell. Granger Plastics, like our founding fathers continue to believe in a "Free Market system", where competition is great for all parties involved, especially the consumer. As long as a dealer operates in good faith, promoting, advertising and selling Granger ISS Tornado Shelters in a positive manner, then there will be no conflict selling another Tornado Shelter. There will always be customers looking for lower end Tornado Shelters such as Fiberglass and Concrete, while traditionally, more customers will be looking for a high quality investment to protect their family, rather than a maintenance headache & hassle in effort to save a few dollars. In the end, these savings end up costing your customer more money, more time, more energy, thus potentially costing you a future customer. Granger Plastics has not only provided a Tornado Shelter solution that is of the highest quality and longest life span on the market, it also offers your customer a long term financial savings by decreasing the maintenance required on the shelter and drastically increasing the life span of the Tornado Shelter over the Tornado Shelters manufactured from less durable materials such as Fiberglass and Steel.

·I purchased a Tornado Shelter several years ago from a Fiberglass Tornado Shelter manufacturer, it has since started to come apart at the seam and began to Rot & Mildew where the leak is, if I replace this faulty unit with a Granger ISS, how can you assure me that this won't happen?

Firstly, the Granger ISS cannot "rot or mildew" due to it's Polyethylene construction, due to Polyethylene's inability to rot or mildew. The Granger ISS also doesn't not have a "seam" in the middle of it like most Fiberglass shelters. Our Tornado Shelter goes thru a special process of extrusion welding on both the interior and the exterior of the shelter. This weld is also Polyethylene. The extrusion welding equipment for this process is very specialized and very expensive. The extrusion welding gun takes Polyethylene Rod and heats it to 250 degrees Celcius, while heating the parent material up as well, to form a true polymer bond between the two materials. This is done on the interior and exterior, then only to be pressure checked to ensure that there is no leaks in any of the weld seams or in the Tornado Shelter itself. Granger Plastics along with numerous Plastics companies extrusion weld Polyethylene on a daily basis. Extrusion welding is by far stronger than any "triple bonding adhesion process" in Fiberglass and is very comparable to MIG/TIG welding of Aluminum or Steel.

·How much maintenance is required on a regular basis of the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter in comparison to other units such as Fiberglass, Steel or Concrete Tornado Shelters?

With the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter, the maintenance is drastically reduced due to the inability of the Polyetheylene to deteriorate and crack. Polyethylene is impervious to moisture and water so it won't crack like concrete, nor will it rust like Steel. Polyethylene is chemically resistant to a plethora of chemicals. This keeps it from deteriorating or oxidizing in the ground like Fiberglass. You will not have to do any bondo repairs, no sealant work and definitely no MIG/TIG welding to maintain your shelter. From a comfort and aesthetics stand point, you may want to use a small hand vac from time to time to vacum the the small circular carpet area to sweep up any grass that may have got into the unit from previous entrance. We also highly reccommend that the door to the Tornado Shelter is opened and closed once every few months to keep the piston of the gas assisted shock lubricated and the seals on the shock moist. We also reccommend that you change the battery in your LED lighting system every 4-6 months, just as you would change the battery in the smoke detectors in your home. That along with a couple squirts of a general lubricant around your house like WD-40 on the articulating hand rails every few months and your maintenance is complete!

·I have heard of gas assisted shocks and vents on other Tornado Shelter doors becoming missles or flying projectiles when impact has occured on various Tornado Shelter doors, will this happen on a Granger ISS and if not, why?

No. These are the types of things that separate Professional, World Class Engineers & Designers and University Students. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelters Door was designed by leading World Class engineers who have kept the consumer and their families in their best interest. This being said, the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter's door has the gas assisted shock secured to the outside of the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter Door and Frame. This prevents any possibility of the gas assisted shock getting inside of the unit upon a debris impact and becoming a "missle". The ventilation for the unit is also molded into the body of the top of the shelter, thus keeping it from becoming a flying debris projectile. Poorly designed doors have the shocks & vents mounted on the interior of the door, allowing them to possibly become a flying projectile inside the shelter, if they even have a gas assisted shock at all. Always ask a shelter dealer or manufacturer about the placement of any objects that may become projectile missles upon impact of the Tornado Shelter door prior to purchase.

·Do the shelters carry any "official" Approvals?

The Shelters have been impact tested at Texas Tech Wind Labs to withstand debris from an F5 Tornado, commonly known as FEMA 320 testing. The Inground Shelter offered here, does exceed the performance requirements of these physical testings conducted by FEMA approved Wind Labs at Texas Tech University. All of the Polymer materials come with Prime certificate of Certification from the material manufacturer, to ensure that 100% Virgin Prime Polyethyelene is being used. Click either of the links below to view a larger version of the Texas Tech Impact Certification letter, the Material Data Sheet or to watch the video of the Texas Tech Impact test! Always ask for this information, or better yet, Why should you have to ask for it? Shouldn't it be made readily available to all potential customers?

Certification Letter from Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center

FEMA 320 Testing at Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center

Tornado Shelter Material Data Sheet & Technical Data Sheet

Material Data Sheet & Material Technical Data Sheet

· How many people fit inside of the Shelter?

The Tornado Shelter was designed with the average single family home in mind. The current average single family is slightly over 3 individuals. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter will comfortably hold 3-5 Adults in accordance with FEMA 320 specifications. will fit comfortably in the Shelter. 3-5 Large Men (6'+, 250+ pounds) could fit easily into the shelter and wait out a longer than average duration Tornado. Taking that into consideration, parents and several children can easily and comfortably take refuge in the Inground Safety Shelter.

· What makes your Tornado Shelter door so easy and secure?

The Tornado Shelter door has a specially designed gas assisted shock that helps a controlled smooth opening and closing action for such a large aluminum door. The door has 3 separate locking mechanisms for added protection along with a battery operated LED lighting system! Read how the Tornado Shelter's door has World Class features that outperform!

· How do I get air down here?

The Inground Shelter has a molded in 4" Ventilation opening. This opening is generally covered by an exhaust cap on the exterior, and sometimes covered from the inside with a slotted cap, or even a temporary plug that is easily removed from the inside during use. This 4" ventilation opening is actually in the unit of the shelter, not an addition to the door frame or the door, which could possibly be damaged or blocked by debris from a storm or Tornado. The units also have the additional options of a Solar Powered Fan, GPS signaling device or a distress signal. All customers will be encouraged to notify their local fire departments of the Inground Shelter installation and location of the Tornado Shelter for safety & rescue purposes in the event of an emergency.

· I'm interested in becoming a dealer or an installer, Can we talk?

Absolutely! Call 1-866-510-9701 or (513)424-1955! Or just Contact Us! For more information on becoming a Tornado Shelter dealer, or a Tornado Shelter distributor, please contact us!

· How long does the typical install take?

The average installation from start to finish for the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is around 3-4 hours. For installations underneath homes, in garage floors, or under a pation, the Tornado Shelter installation may take longer, depending on the installation location and factors. Always check to ensure your installation location is free and clear of any utility lines. The Granger ISS does not require a concrete anchoring system in most typical installations, unlike most other Tornado Shelters. The unique, innovative design continues to outperform many other pooly designed units. The poor design of many of these units requires massive, labor intensive anchoring systems that are costly and require additional installation expense. Always ask if the anchoring system and the anchoring system installation is included in the sale price of the Tornado Shelter.

· Can you explain the difference between a single wall and a double wall Tornado Shelter?

Yes! The easiest method of knowing a double wall part from a single wall part is that a single wall Tornado Shelter will only offer (1) wall of protection, this single wall acts as the exterior and interior wall. While a double wall unit, will feature (2) walls, an exterior wall and an interior wall. Between the (2) walls, there is a hollow chamber that allows for added protection. While most single wall tornado shelters range from thin gauge steel (10 gauge) .140" to various Fiberglass Tornado Shelters that are constructed with a wall thickness ranging from .200" to .3125". The Granger ISS not only features a double wall, but features (2) .500" thick walls! Always ask your Tornado Shelter dealer if you are buying a Single or Double Wall unit, and ALWAYS ask for the wall thickness dimension.

· Can the interior cavity of the Shelter body be filled if desired?

Yes! The interior cavity of the double wall Tornado Shelter can be filled for a multitude of reasons! Call us today to further discuss details with a professional engineer! 1-866-510-9701 or (513)424-1955!

· Ok, I've done all of my homework on safety shelters, I have my spouse on board for the purchase and now we are ready to buy a shelter, What is the Manufacturers suggested retail pricing for the unit?

The MSRP for the Inground Safety Shelter is $5995. The shelter body is manufactured from Virgin Prime Polyethylene, which is an oil based commodity. Just like gasoline for your automobile and the natural gas in many of your homes, Polyethylene is a commodity that is traded on the open market. Just as all other commodities, the price of polyethylene changes on the open market due to supply and demand, both international and domestic. Pricing of the shelter is subject to change due to polyethylene market conditions. Pricing does not include installation and delivery. Please contact your local dealer or Granger Plastics for more details!
The Inground tornado shelter by Granger Plastics is the most durable Tornado Shelter in the shelter industry! With a lifespan that exceeds 500+ years! Manufactured from extremely durable, Polyethylene, the Inground Shelter features a FEMA 320 exceeding entrance door, articulating aluminum handrails, a 3-step molded entrance with non-skid steps, a molded in 4" ventilation stack, molded in seating, all stainless steel hardware, a Rotationally molded Shock cover and ventilation stack and a reverse taper design that does not require an anchoring system in typical installations! See why the Inground Shelter by Granger Plastics is the best safety bet for your family!
Are you considering the purchase of a Tornado Shelter? Do you have questions about the different materials offered? Read more about Tornado Shelters, the differences in the materials offered to protect your families lives and frequently asked questions in regards to Tornado Shelters before you make that purchase!
read more Tornado Shelter FAQ

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3-Step entrance
Articulating Handrails
Circular Molded Seating w/ Carpet
3pt. locking security Door
FEMA 320 exceeding door
Battery operated LED lighting
Molded in 4" Ventilation cap
Tornado Shelter features
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Tornado Shelter Manufacturing & Assembly Video

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